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Friday, 19 December 2008

[ 2nd tagged from MISS NUR ]

Hellow everybody..hehe..arinie nak settle kan my 2nd tagged yg MISS NUR bg..syok gak wat kan..hehe..ok la guyss just check it out~~>

1) Tulis 10 berkenaan orang yang meng'tagged'...

~~> She's my ex-lecturer yg kepale gile2 n sporting..
~~> She's now in Oman n still teaching kanak2 unta kat sane..
~~> Cuteness n chubbyness person..hehe
~~> Seorg yg tabah kuat semangat..( i guess so coz she's alone kat Oman n can cope with everything
surround her )
~~> Love to snap2 pic..n baru beli SLR camera..envy u la sis~!
~~> Suukkeerr to buat memek muke time mengajar..soo suuker..hehe
~~> Love to cooking..soo many recepi in her blog..
~~> Ore klate tp dok Kg. Baru..hehe
~~> Still single i ke miss nur??
~~> Have her own car in M'sia..Honda City, Black color yg menjadi kesayangan terpakse tinggal
kan di M'sia..
~~> Speechless la bout Miss Nur..conclusion nyer, she's my idol to success...

2) 10 thing bout me..yg kene tagged~!!

~~> Seorg yg cool n sometimes can get out of line if sumone wat hal kat die..
~~> Suuukkkeeerrr gler ngan wane PURPLE..
~~> Suke ngumpul koleksi MAN UTD..
~~> Love to eat n cooking sorry xder review pasal recepi kat dlm blog..myb later i'll put it k..
~~> Benci keadaan yg bersepah2 n semak kan mate..
~~> Suke memerap dlm bilik..sejak dah dpt key of freedom nie makin malas nak kuar umah or
should be terbalik klu dpt key of freedom lagi panjang langkah..but not me..
~~> Love to listen to music..all kind of make me calm..hehe..pooyyooss..
~~> Usai solat, selalu suukkeerr sgt bace surah yassin n ar-rahman..tenang jek..korang rase x pe yg aku
rase?? ekeke
~~> Love my family soooo muchie..without them aroun me i'm no one n useless..
~~> Importance in friendship..

Finally i'm done 2 tag..hehe..tahnx to Miss Nur..Love u soo muchie ~~!!

2 orang baik hati..:

nabilah_2908 said...

hye sis.. :)
how r u?
lm nyer x post blog br...huhu..

hmm..nk tnye cikit..
pe mksd "key of freedom"
eager 2 know.. :)

aiSyaLiciOus said...

key of freedom usually teenagers get when they become 21 years others said, when u turn to 21 u will get the key of doesnt mean that u r really2 free to do anything..still have border la sis..just u can make up ur own desicion (plus ur parents opinion)..if both r 'green' so u can do anything as u wish u wanna do..paham ker? hehe..<~~ still learning how to be good in english..ahaks!

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