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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Am I D.E.M.O.K.??

Am I DEMOK?? People around me especially who closed to me oways said that if they campared me now with me 2-3 years ago..too different..yaaa~! I admit that =(

Guyss, FYI, when i was in secondary school n college (sem 1) i'm too thin..can u imagine my weight that time around 40-42kgs...but now not anymore~!!

Can u guess my weight rite now?? 44? nope...46? wrong...48? absolutely wrong!! aaaarrrrrgggghhhh~!!! i'm 51+ ok!! too stout i think..rite guys?? For the 1st time when people said that i looked more chubby i felt sooo happy...u know y?? bcoz i want my weight increase..and it happend~!! hehe...

But now i feel worry about my weight..i love to eat..and i'm easy to feel hungry eventhough baru je pas melantak..soo xsesuai kan??..pity on me..waaaaaaaaaaa (^0^)...Part of my body yg bermasalah...

  • Lengan ( dah la besau, like fellow said cam angkat DUMBEL 10kg!! soo xsukerr)

  • Peha ( used to besar la last time, but skang nie dah mengecil cket sbb slalu wat exercise kayuh basikal, but still not enuff la..still xpuas ati dgn tahap kekecilan nyer..)

  • Stomach ( aaarrrggghh!! i hate to tell u guyss about this part..ncfhfwhf!! too hard to make it slim shady n no more 'MONCIT'..but i donno the rite way to solve this things..i really3 want my stomach to be flat..but how?? guyss can u HELP me?? plss...i'm begging u..)

Feel like nak kurus cam dulu2 but not too thin headache la sbb pantang je nmpak makanan yg yummy2...sooo la ssh kan?kan? Tp seyes tau semenjak 2menjak 3 menjak nie kan sya mmg suke mkn..xkire time la ..mulut nak mengunyah jek..adoyai..fenin,fenin,fenin~!!

Sya admire jek tgk girls yg prot slim shady...sooo JEALOUS!! wish me luck k coz rite now i'm on diet...hardly DIET!! No more sweets,snacks etc...Rice oso i take once a day..only lunch..dinner just taking bread n milk oso plain water..breakfast sometimes nasi lemak (berlauk..sometime ok) but most of the time roti cekelat GARDENIA..soo sedap...actually terpaksa..hahah..

Soo sorry guys xder pic sya nak letak untuk wat perbandingan( cewah ayat skema ) yg penting mmg dah chubby n usaha to KURUS~!! (^_^)

3 orang baik hati..:

prettyblue_2908 said...

klakar la sya nie...
tp..mmg mengejutkan..berat naik sampai 51 kg..
dulu rs nyer..ok jer..hehe..

anuar7282 said...

kembali ke bentuk asal aek...

aiSyaLiciOus said...

nake kembali ke bentuk asal 2 la yg ssh nyer cik nuar ooiii...too many times i've tried..but still can't decrease my weight..aaaaiiiyyyyooohhh~!!

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