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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

->> i'm cOnfusing <<-

>> mia & haris <<

>> mia n my DELL <<

Looked at the title above guyss~!! i'm confusing rite now..i really need advice from those who really wanna help me..about LOVE, LIFE, MONEY, CAREER, STUDY etc...all this always in my mind..i'm not strong enuff to faced all this alone..i need my fellow keep supporting me..

Aaarrrrggghh~!! soo stress..i felt wanna sleep all day long n when i wake up nothing to think and my mind crystal clear...heee =P

Lately, i feel soo tired..extreamely tired n i really need REST..i feel dont wanna go to the office, leave all my works n just sitting at home n get enuff sleep..miss my DELL..waaaaa~! DELL -> my lovely cat which is he has 9kgs of weight!! can u imagine that?? soo la big n soo la heavy..but he very pampered with me..hehe..that y i really miss him..DELL~!! waaa..feel like wanna reach home (s'ban) rite now n hug him tightly..

I oso miss my niece and my nephew..MIA & HARIS..oso miss my firends out ex-classmate at CCM, STAD, SKSK..aaarrrrggghhh~!! hehe..i'm too emo rite?rite? besh buddy pls do cntct me ..dont wanna lost cntct wit u guyss!!
>>Love You<<

2 orang baik hati..:

wayda said...

nothing 2 b confused wit..juz take a deep breath and rilex..evrythng will b settle..(wink*wink*)

aiSyaLiciOus said...

thanx cayang..i really do love you~!! muaxx3...

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